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Secured loans are usually planned for a significant amount of money, generally for £10,000 or more, though the amount could be lower.  These loans are named as they secured against something that the borrower owns, most often their home, but may be their business or a car. If you do not repay the loan in full, then the lender will take procession of your property. 

For lenders, secured loans are less of a risk than unsecured loans, as they can take over the property of borrowers who default on repayments. As they are less risky for the lenders, the interest rates tend to be lower. So the loans are cheaper for homeowners unless they default and lose their homes. 

There are different names for secured loans, such as: 

  • Homeowner loans or home equity loans 
  • Second mortgage or Second charge mortgage  
  • First mortgage (if there was no mortgage before)

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There are many benefits to a secured loan, including:   

Easier to obtain: if you have a fair or good credit score, then it is a cheaper way to take out a loan.  

You can borrow more than double: the most you borrow unsecured is £35,000 instead of £75,000 for a secured loan.  

The loan could be longer: secured loans can be taken out over a longer period, meaning lower repayments. 

We are confident that we can always direct you towards the most competitive secured loans, which will save you money. Our team will give you sound advice to ensure that you get the best loan deal.

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